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By Invitation Only

Vintage Connections… Wearable and Otherwise

Sunday an old friend and I attended the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. This is what I wore. Yep, I finally, finally mustered my courage and wore one of my vintage hats… out in public. I love vintage hats. But, I …

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Bear River Nova Scotia

Hat Dreams

  When the weather is frigid, and the snow just keeps on coming, and there’s at least six more weeks of winter, if we’re lucky. Well, a girl has to do something to survive. Psychologically speaking. I’m sick to death of my …

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Vintage: The Best Way to Do Slow Fashion?

It’s November and in Ottawa that means frosty nights. Remembrance Day, of course. Some gorgeous sunsets on the river. And for vintage clothing lovers, the annual Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. Vintage hat I bought last year at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show I’ve …

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Downton Abbey

Lost in Downton…One More Time With Feeling

  I don’t know if any of you caught the miniseries Lost in Austen that was on TV a few years ago. I watched it, loved it, bought the DVD for my mum (a fellow Austen devotee)..and then watched it …

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