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On Jeans & Trying to Expand My Horizons.

I’m on a quest to expand my horizons with respect to jeans. And it ain’t going too well, my friends.

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Rolling That Rock: Still Shopping for Jeans

Yep. There he is. Old Sisyphus, still rolling that rock. And me, I’m still shopping for jeans. reasonandmeaning.com I wrote a post last month about that Sisyphean journey… shopping for the perfect jeans. Seemingly endless, frustrating, often futile… shopping for jeans is definitely worthy of the …

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Sisyphean Shopping… or… The Search for the Perfect Jeans

  I need a new pair of jeans. No… really… I do.   My Paige Hidden Hills, straight legged jeans recently bit the dust The fabric went all pucker-y in places, which is not surprising, since I wore them all …

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