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40+ fashion

Turn, Turn, Turn?

I have a friend who… every year when I arrived at work in a fall blazer for the first time that season…would exclaim…”Sue! You’ve turned your closet!” It became a joke in our teacher prep room, and the men with whom …

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Investment Dressing … My 5 Rules for Not Wasting Your Money

I have always been a believer in the idea that you get what you pay for…..most of the time. And I have always believed that it’s NOT necessarily a waste of money to NOT shop the sales, to NOT go for the …

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Bobbi Brown

Why would you not? Shopping Wisely and Free Stuff

To me shopping wisely is not just about price. It’s also about the quality of the merchandise, and getting great service. Everyone knows that.  But it’s also about taking advantage of free services and other “stuff” offered by retailers. And …

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