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Adventures and Misadventures in Paris

We’ve been in France for a week now …well, almost. We landed one week ago tomorrow morning. And our flight over was a sleepless, and uncomfortable night. I used to be able to sleep on a plane, not anymore. Somewhere …

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A Moveable Feast

Paris Dreaming

The view from my window these past three days has varied, to say the least. From brown grass and ice-covered river, to sideways snowfall, to nothing while the freezing rain pelted my window and obscured the view altogether, and finally to a limp, …

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Florida Keys.

Our Excellent Hemingway Adventure…in Key West

First,  you have to know that I am a huge Hemingway fan. In the 70’s when I was a teenager I thought he was an overweight, misogynist bore. Then in the 80’s I was converted by a gentle, erudite woman …

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