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Should I Elevate My Off Duty Wardrobe?

Last weekend I opened an e-mail from MatchesFashion.com which outlined the “essentials” for great weekend style, and offered advice on how to “elevate” my “off-duty wardrobe.” That gave me pause. “Off-duty wardrobe. I don’t have an off-duty wardrobe anymore,” I …

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being obsessed with everything

What Are You Obsessed With Right Now?

That question was the subject line in an e-mail I received recently from MatchesFashion.com. The e-mail was advertising the most popular pieces… dresses, and shoes, and earrings… which had been purchased the previous week.  Favourite pieces, popular looks, okay. But …

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classic black and white

Black and White Reboot: Classic or Boring?

I admit, when in doubt about what to wear, I fall back on my old favourites. Combinations which I know look good on me and… well… just look good. And one of those combinations, especially for summer, is white jeans …

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criteria for choosing sunglasses

Searching for Sunnies

Don’t you just adore sunglasses? I do. I’m not sure I have the sort of face that looks good in sunglasses, but I still love them. Sunglasses and big hats like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.     source …

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dressing for the weather

Needs Must … Dressing for the Weather

You may (or may not) know that I can get a bit obsessive. I often over-organize. I stress too much about my hair. I get excited about something or other, and jump in over my head. Frequently. So, once we …

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How to Make DIY Jeans… When You Don’t Sew

The other day when Hubby came home I greeted him excitedly at the door with the words: “Guess what? I made myself a new pair of pants!” He looked incredulous. And well, he should. Me, sew? Me… who hates sewing. …

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