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Putting Some Spring in My Step

I’m planning my spring shopping, and hoping that colour will put a spring back in my step.

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casual summer running around clothes

Play Clothes

Remember when you were a kid and you came home from school, or from anywhere really, and automatically changed out of your school clothes, or church clothes, or going into town clothes? And then put on your play clothes? Remember …

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fall fashion

Seeking Fall Inspiration

Fall will be upon us before we know it, folks. And when it comes time to look critically at my fall and winter closet, to do my inventory, and make my list of what I might need, or want, I …

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40+ fashion

What To Wear When You Don’t Have Time To Wait for Inspiration.

What should I wear, today? What, what, what? Sigh. How many times have I stared blankly into my closet and asked myself that dreaded question? Ha. Many, many times, my friends. To be truthful, I haven’t done it in years. …

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