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ethical shopping

Reflections on 2018… Wardrobe Wise.

The week between Christmas and New Years is a good time for reflection, don’t you think? And for the past couple of years I’ve spent some time doing just that during this week of metaphorical treading of water, this week of …

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closet organization

Is It Possible To Be An Ethical Shopper?

It’s the dead of winter here in Ottawa, the dead time between New Year’s and the return of normal life. Back in the day, I would fill this weirdly unreal time (between the craziness of Christmas, and the start of …

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40+ fashion

Ethical Shopping Report Card

I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe a lot lately. Now, now… don’t laugh. I do have periods, brief though they may be, when I am NOT thinking about clothes. But, January is not one of those times.      In …

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