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When Is It Time to Say Good-Bye to Your Clothes?

One of my style resolutions this year, well every year actually, is to wear what I own. And if I don’t, to make the ultimate decision to get rid of what I’m not wearing. Even though I have a small …

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closet organization

Is It Possible To Be An Ethical Shopper?

It’s the dead of winter here in Ottawa, the dead time between New Year’s and the return of normal life. Back in the day, I would fill this weirdly unreal time (between the craziness of Christmas, and the start of …

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My “Curated” Closet: Crunching the Numbers

Last week, I wrote a post about my spring closet cleanse and the benefits therein. Usually I “turn my closet,” as my friend Margaret says, make my lists, send some stuff to the consignment store or to a charity shop, go shopping… and …

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