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Georgia on My Mind or How To Cure March Madness

Okay… everyone thinks that March Madness is supposed to look like this photo from No offense meant to those Americans and Canadians (including my husband) who are glued to their televisions watching basketball. And yes, Andrew Wiggins IS a …

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Bogie and Hepburn Reprised

Amid the snow and freezing temperatures of a Canadian winter, we are planning our summer. Well, our summer camping trips, at least. My husband and I go on one or two camping trips together most summers. Hubby, the inveterate canoeist …

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Eirinn go Brach : On Irish Books and Ireland

I’m a binge reader. If I  find an author I like or become interested in an era or a place, I will read everything I can get my hands on written by or about my new interest…fiction, memoir, biography…anything. One …

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