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Time for Change. And I’m Not Talking About My Hair.

You might already know this, but I think of my hair as a metaphor for my life. Seriously, I do. Let me explain. Back when I was a little kid, my mum struggled with my long, thick hair. She scraped …

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Meandering Into 2019

Are you bursting to begin the new year, leaping into January with a brisk clapping of hands, resolutions written down, and a detailed plan of how to achieve them? Ha. Me neither. I am definitely not leaping into 2019, my friends. …

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Christmas memories

Merry Christmas, From Us

  We’ve had some Christmas tree controversy in our house this year, folks. I’ve struggled trying to decide on a name for our tree. It’s an adorable little tree, perfectly round, and sweetly shaped. I initially decided to name him Boris.   …

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friends for life

Over the Backyard Fence: Musings on Friendship.

  When I was a kid, my sister used to laugh at how much my friend Debbie and I talked on the phone. She was right; we were always on the phone. Through elementary school, and most of high school, …

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Canada Reads

A Little Bit of Canada This November Morning

So. Late the other night, replete with good food and good conversation, I drove home from my book club meeting. My headlights piercing the darkness, I watched for black ice created by snow blowing across the open fields, and listened …

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Teaching Empathy in the Age of Trolling and Scrolling

Still at Mum’s this weekend. Just finished reading a book that partially dealt with a daughter helping an aging, irascible father to cope with his altered state in life. And listened to a CBC radio program yesterday about caregivers for …

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By Invitation Only

Vintage Connections… Wearable and Otherwise

Hope you don’t mind, my friends, but this is a “reprise” post. I’m still at Mum’s and we’ve been busy with no time to blog. I missed the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show this year because I was in Fredericton. Next …

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growing old

Time Marches On and All That

You might know, if you read my last post, that I’m home in New Brunswick for the next while, visiting my Mum. As I sit in Mum’s kitchen this morning pondering how to begin this post, I keep thinking of …

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family birthdays

Happy Birthday, Mum!

My mum’s celebrating her birthday this week. And, for the first time in years and years, I won’t be there for the festivities. As long as Hubby and I have been together we’ve made the trek down east in August. With the …

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funny women I know and love

Funny Women

I read an article in The Atlantic a day or so ago called: Plight of the Funny Female. It’s all about why men don’t like funny women. And, you know, something clicked. Really? Could this be the reason for all my …

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