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To Dye or Not To Dye … The Decision

To dye, or not to dye? Should I go grey, or not? That was the question I posed in a blog post a couple of weeks ago. I thought I might be ready to go ‘au naturel.’ Or some variation thereof. …

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happy marriage

The Happy Homemaker… Not.

I am not a happy homemaker. Remember Betty White in that role on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the seventies? She could cook, and clean, and smile prettily all at the same time. She made homemaking sexy, supposedly. Well, I’m …

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Not Just Sittin’ Around, Grace.

I’m retired from teaching as most of you know if you read this blog regularly. And if you don’t, well… I’m retired, as I said. And Grace Coddington is not. I retired three years ago after thirty years in the …

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On Learning to Tell Your Inner Critic to Shut It.

I signed up for an art course in November, to start in January. I’d been looking for a course for a while. I didn’t want to study painting. Or life-drawing. Or flower-arranging. So, I settled on an illustration course offered …

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Happiness Is … What Exactly?

Last Sunday Hubby and I were driving home after having visited my sister’s husband in the hospital. And Hubby just happened to mention that friends of ours were leaving for a big trip in a few weeks. This couple, who …

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cross-country skiing

Into The Woods… Of Winter, Logging, and Bologna Sandwiches

We’ve had snow again these last couple of days. Not a lot. But enough to cover up the ice on the trails. And definitely enough to go skiing. I love a sunny, crisp winter’s day.       And being …

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When We Were Grown-Ups … or… Adulting Is Hard

Remember your first apartment? I remember mine clearly. My first taste of independence. I felt totally grown up. I was in university and I shared a dark basement apartment with two friends from childhood. All of my furniture had been …

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Paying It Forward … Five Favourite Blog Posts from 2015

I read a lot of blogs. Now. But, I was slow to catch onto the idea of blogging. I’d never even read a blog until 2012, when a few months before I was scheduled to retire from teaching, I saw …

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Christmas disasters

I Wish I Had A River to Skate On…

Picture this. The ten o-clock Friday morning sun is streaming through my kitchen window. I’m drinking tea, listening to CBC radio, and sitting in my favourite antique press back rocking chair which Hubby bought for me one Christmas. I hunted …

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Meanwhile… Back At The Ranch… Taking Stock

  “Meanwhile, back at the ranch,” my mum used to say that often when we were kids. It was like she was saying, let’s change up the subject. Shift conversational gears. Get back to that other story. So, meanwhile, back …

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