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accidental shopping

The Accidental Shopper

    This year, I accidentally shopped the Black Friday Sales. Really, I did.  I’m usually anti-Black Friday; I’ve even written about it here on the blog. I abhor the whole frenzied shop until we (or the sales staff) drop …

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cropped pants

The Long and Short of Personal Style

There’s so much talk these days about the difference between fashion and style, personal style. How women needn’t be slaves to the most recent trends, how we should dress to please ourselves, how style is what we do with the …

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fall colours

Fall Rhapsody in My Closet

Fall is glorious in our neck of the woods. It’s my favourite season. Not just because of Hubby’s return to his rightful place in the kitchen, our very own version of “Return of the King,” without the hobbits. Ha. But …

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Canadian perspective on Italian fashion

Italian Chic: One Canadian’s Perspective

Hubby and I love to travel. But when we’re away for a few weeks, we start to long for home. And certain things at home. Popcorn, mashed potatoes, tea and toast, the view of the river from our sun room …

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23 Days in Italy: Packed and Ready to Go

I have a new mantra for travel packing, my friends: pack to please myself. Period. That sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? But since last week when I decided on my wardrobe plan for this trip, I’ve been waffling. Suffering from …

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Planning My Travel Wardrobe for Italy

Our three weeks in Italy are coming up very soon. So, obviously I’ve been musing about my travel wardrobe. That’s nothing new. What should I wear? And, how should I decide what to wear? These are perennial questions for me. …

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end of summer

Summer’s Last Gasp

It’s the last weekend of summer. The autumn of summer, we might say. Soon we’ll be saying, “Ah yes, remember last summer? Those white hot days at the beach, the languid afternoons, the warm, starry evenings of wine and song? …

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curating my closet

Curating My Fall Closet

Let’s talk fall fashion, shall we? It’s almost the end of August and high time I did my fall closet inventory. Time to look at what I own, decide what I plan to do with what I own, and figure …

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Aritzia sweatshirts

Of Sweat Shirts, White Jeans, and Cross-Body Belly Packs.

I’m a great believer in stocking my closet with good quality basics. That sounds kind of self-satisfied, doesn’t it? A bit preachy. Nevertheless, there are certain items which I always have in my closet. A pair, or three, of good white jeans …

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clothes as therapy

Outfit Dreams

I’m dreaming of outfits these days. When I’m lying in bed at night. Or drifting off to sleep for an afternoon nap. Or lazing in a deck chair. I’ll put my book down, watch a boat go by on the …

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