Capitulation: How I Cured My Summer Wardrobe Fatigue

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I’m weak. I admit it. I caved.

I was so bored with my hot weather wardrobe that I shopped. I couldn’t help it. Well, okay… I actually could. Help it, I mean. I chose to capitulate to my need… or my desire… to alleviate my boredom with my current wardrobe. By shopping. But… I did it only as a last resort. Let me explain.

I wrote a post last week about how sick I was of my hot weather wear. What there is of it. I had shopped so hard for a perfect not very pricey tank top, found it, and now was desperately sick to death of it. Hoisted on my own petard, so to speak. A victim of my own success in finding the perfect tank that went with everything. But as I concluded in my post, I didn’t really need to shop for any more summer clothes. Instead, I really should stop whining and wait for the weather to cool so I could wear some of the other summer things hanging in my curated closet.

Then I read a comment about my post on Goggle Plus… apparently the reader had never heard of anyone getting bored with their summer clothes. Really? And she said it was time for me “to go shopping or get creative.” Okay.

At first I wondered if the commentor had even read my post. And then I took it as a kind of challenge. I dug around in my closet, tried numerous outfit combinations that might work in our hot humid weather. I even hauled out a couple of the things that I had tucked away during my closet cull. Things which I thought I might wear for a specific occasion. I think that boredom can count as an occasion, don’t you?  But the results were not encouraging. Ick. Nope. Not wearing that… or that. The only outfit that I’d even consider wearing combined a pair of Theory dress pants with my…you guessed it… black tank. Sigh.

Then the next morning, I sat down to check my e-mail. Aritzia was still having their big summer sale. Hmm. Wonder if they have that black tank in any other colours at a sale price? They did. And they had really cute little summer dresses on sale too. So after hemming and hawing all day, I finally sat down and ordered.

I bought this tank top. Which is the exact same style as my black one. But with grey and black stripes. So it goes with everything that the plain black one does. As you can see below, this is the same outfit I showed on the blog a couple of weeks ago. With the new tank. And I think I like it better. And it was on sale.

Joggers and striped tee from Aritzia cardigan from Green Tree Eco Fashion, sandals Michael Kors
My new capitulation tank top. Better and cheaper than the original.

I also bought the tee shirt dress below. I was hesitant about this one. It looked way shorter on the model, but the site says that the model is 5’10” and wearing size small. And I could return it to the Aritzia store if it didn’t suit. So…nothing ventured and all that.

Dress from Aritzia, sandals Stuart Weitzman, bag Michael Kors, earrings from Magpie Jewellry, bracelets vintage
New tee shirt dress, old sandals, old bag… I mean the tote, not me.
I’m quite pleased with this little dress. It’s not as wonderful as my blue Rag and Bone one. But at $40.00… I’m not complaining. It’s cotton, heavy enough weight so it doesn’t cling, and machine washable. Making this dress a perfect hot weather, wear it running errands, take it on vacation dress. I would have liked the indigo and white stripe, but this tan and cream gives me an excuse to wear these old Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals again.
Dress from Aritzia, sandals Stuart Weitzman, bag Michael Kors, earrings from Magpie Jewellry, silk scarf Holt Renfrew
I kind of like this little scarf with the dress, don’t you?

So, to recap. I was bored. I tried to be patient. I tried to be creative. Then, I capitulated. And as a last resort, I shopped.

But you know, it’s not like I went wild and bought a ton of things. Only two. I was very judicious. As I am wont to be when it comes to shopping. But sometimes, you know, that judiciousness can be a problem. Careful shopping, and a carefully curated closet, sometimes means that I don’t have enough variety. And I get bored. And break my own rules. But seriously if one’s own rules weren’t meant to be broken… well… whose are? Okay. I was trying to be witty there… but does that actually make any sense? The heat must be getting to me. Humidex readings say tomorrow will feel like 43°C. Phew. And besides, I’m a bit stressed. Next week is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’m not even close to being ready.

And speaking of not making sense… kind of reminds me of when I was teaching and I’d get angry and/or stressed with a class. Especially this one very energetic, off-the-wall, rambunctious, patience-trying, but absolutely wonderful grade nine class. And I’d rant a little bit and half way through my rant about not doing homework…or whatever… I’d always lose my train of thought… because I can’t think straight when I’m stressed. And then I’d laugh. And I remember one boy said…”You know Ms. Burpee, you’re not very good at being mad at us.” “No,” I replied, “I’m not.” “That’s okay,” he said gravely. Ha. I love that he said that.

Now, no more procrastinating… or philosophizing as one former member of my department used to say during my meetings. Chop, chop. I’m off to inventory my fall wardrobe, do my research, and make a list of what I need and/or want for Fall 2016. In the heat of summer this will be a stretch. But next week is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, as I said. I’m visiting my friend Liz on Tuesday and I want to be prepared.

I may break my own rules about shopping once in a while. But… listless shopping? Perish the thought.

So what about you dear readers? How are you faring this summer wardrobe-wise? Any tactics to help the rest of us get through the summer heat? I also know that some of you have hardly had any summer yet at all. So are you wearing your summer dresses under a cardi? Pantyhose under your summer culottes? Do tell.

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34 thoughts on “Capitulation: How I Cured My Summer Wardrobe Fatigue”

  1. You needed it,you wanted it,they are nice and you look excellent- why to punish yourself?
    You did the math before,bought it-enjoy wearing it. One has to adjust to the weather conditions,no?
    Enjoy your beautiful top and dress!
    We have very hot summer now-the full summer wardrobe needed 🙂

  2. Two great buys Sue . I could wear the first outfit but the frock wouldn't do me any favours . One of my sisters is all arms & legs like you & looks really good in a shift dress but I look like a box on little legs these days . Anyway , we have summer ! Not quite 43 degrees but we hit 33 the other day ! It's such a rapid change from one extreme to the other that we struggle to cope . All windows are open with blinds & curtains down on the south side . We do have a little electric fan which we , & the dogs , fight over – there's been a lot of panting going on . Some funny fashion around too as people dig deep in wardrobes to find comfortable clothes – including hubbie & I . Not to worry , there'll be a storm soon then all back to normal .
    Wendy in York

    1. Ah, Wendy you always make me laugh. I'm envisioning you and the dogs fighting over the fan. Wonder who's winning. We really need a storm here…to bring our heat and humidex levels down, give us some much needed rain… and get me out of having to water the flowers and Hubby's extensive vegetable garden when he is off fishing next week. I imagine the garden hose in one hand and my i-pad in the other as I do my fall shopping research.

  3. Good for you! You didn't respond thoughtlessly by shopping to cure your wardrobe boredom, but took your time, assessed carefully, and then added a few very well-chosen pieces that you will wear often and that integrate nicely with everything else you own. And you look great! No guilt necessary. I ended up buying two tops (on sale!) yesterday, with ever so much less planning than you, but also at Artizia (in the bricks-and-mortar shop). . .

    1. Thanks, Frances. But this afternoon on the way home from lunch with a friend… I may have stopped in to the sale at Green Tree Eco Fashion… I mean, I was passing right by their store … and I may have purchased a pair of walking shorts on sale. Great for our vacation down east:)

  4. You did good! And from what you have said, it sounded like you – your wardrobe needed a few extra pieces for the super hot days. I think you made lovely, nicely priced (bonus!) choices and you look fabulous.

  5. Just catching up on several of your posts. Definitely was all for you buying a few items to broaden your summer selection so totally approve. Flexibility is key. And if you can't break your own rules… Summer has been very slow to arrive here and its presence a little precarious but I'm seizing the opportunity to wear summer clothes at every opportunity. Not ready to think about Autumn yet. Love the picture of you under pressure. I do admire the planning and organisation you put into shopping. Look forward to reading all about it. Your post on "Elizabeth is Missing" prompted lots of interesting comments. Agree with your take on the book. Alzheimer's and dementia are such cruel diseases for everyone involved. Iris

  6. Love your new finds. And it's a great time of year to shop for summer things because you're actually wearing them and know what you'd like to fill the gaps… and it's all on sale!
    I've been doing some sale shopping for summer things, finally bought a new trench coat that I really wanted to find before our holiday in August, and it was 70% off. Ditto for a new winter coat from Brora, it's not easy to think about winter in July but the bargains are terrific.
    I really enjoy your careful thought process around your wardrobe, I love thinking about wardrobe and the organization of it too. xo

    1. It is fun when you can buy something at a great price and wear it the next day. About that careful thought process… trying to inventory my fall stuff is proving to be a pain because I usually try things on to see if I still want to wear them. Maybe I'll demur on that part of the process. Too darned hot!

  7. Oh Boy Sue! Do I hear myself in your blog? Former department member? Lol. Well. As soon as I lose the 10 lbs I put on over the last year, I will love my summer clothes again! In the meantime I'm packing all my favorited and nothing else for a little road trip.
    And you look great in those two new things. Why are you hiding those gorgeous legs in the photos?

    1. Ha ha… I wondered if you'd notice that I slipped that little comment in. Just checking to see if you were reading carefully:) Enjoy your trip and have a good rest. September is bearing down on us!

  8. Both really cute pieces! I wish I could wear skirts that length, but those days are past for me. You look lovely in both outfits.

    Ah, Nordstrom Sale. I had to stop in Chicago on my drive home last week and use my 'early access' privileges…which are really just the result of having their credit card. Anyway, it was a mob scene! And I agree it's hard to look at warm clothes and boots when you're in sweltering heat. I hope you have great luck. I found a couple of gems. One is a cute fringed scarf that I could barely stand on my neck long enough to look at it. 🙂
    Cheers! —Hope

    1. Thanks, Hope. My friend who works at Nordstrom says the first day of the sale is crazy… and exhausting. I don't think we have "early access" at the Ottawa store except on-line. And it's really hard to think of buying scarves.. let alone trying them on!

  9. I too shopped the Nordstrom sale here in the Boston area. Alas, I must be REALLY bored, as there wasn't a single thing I felt compelled to buy. Maybe I need to shop my own closet at this point. My husband can attest to the fact that I could have my own semi-annual sale and still have no closet space left. Yes, I'm thinking a big purge is in order.
    I think your new additions look great on you, and, I absolutely LOVE your humor! Your blogs are always a high point in my day.
    P.S. I did find two pairs of cute shoes at Lord and Taylor's 2 day sale that I bought at 70% off. I already have and love this shoe in black, and now I have the same shoe in three different colors. When I find something I love I often buy a duplicate. It avoids me saying later, "Gee, I wish I had
    bought two!"

    1. Those shoes were a lucky find. I can never find shoes on sale… hard to find them at any time due to verrry narrow feet. Thanks for the kind words…re the blog. It always gives me a chuckle that people even read it.

  10. I too love the dress and wouldn't be too surprised if we get to see it again in a couple of months with leggings and a jacket/cardigan. Stay cool!

    1. Thanks, Patti. You're right…taking pictures of an outfit for the blog always lakes me feel like I've already worn it even if it hasn't left the house yet:)

  11. Hi Susan ,a huge thank you for the review of Coffin Road a few posts ago .I've had a wonderful day reading this novel in one go just breaking from the sofa to watch the rain fall on my new garden or chat to one of my sons on the mobile or refuel for another few chapters.Ive just finished the book reading in bed and now want to tell all my friends to read it as well.I will be looking out for another Peter May book and also going back to see your other recommendations as we seem to have the same sensibility when it comes to a good story.

  12. I gave in and went shopping without nearly as much thought. I'm not sure my choices will become closet staples, but if they get me through this prolonged heat spell, I should still be content.

    1. They probably won't though Sue …that only happens when we love something and paid ££s or $$s for it! I bought a great top ..think light jumper /ecru smart casual and didn't crease! …thought it would work well for evenings …somehow I got butter on it in Quebec!

  13. I think your striped pieces are both good purchases. They add visual interest even if you're not layered up.

    I find summer to be the most challenging season to dress for. I usually rely on layering and a "third piece" to look pulled together, and that isn't always do-able in the summer. But I have found a couple of lightweight linen shirts that I can throw on and wear open over a (linen) tank, which also helps with the frigid a/c blasts in any indoor public space around here.

    1. Thanks, Sue. I also find summer dressing challenging. Especially if I can't wear a jacket or sweater. I'm always all about the third piece too. I'd love it to be always 22° C with a nice breeze and no humidity:)

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