I’m Walking on Sunshine Coz It’s Almost Spring… Maybe.

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, today. The sun is shining. Hubby is out skiing his butt off because we just had some lovely snow. And I am not out skiing my butt off because I hurt my back on Saturday. And… and… guess how I did it? Cleaning the bathroom! How’s that for irony? Do you think there’s a chance the house-cleaning gods were on-line last week when I wrote that post about domestic chores?

Still, I’ve not been wasting my time sitting around. Except in 15 minute intervals, which is as long as I can sit without having to get up and stretch. I’ve perfected the art of reading standing up. And listening to my i-pod while pacing, or lying on my face on the floor doing my stretches which my physiotherapist calls “sloppy push-ups” and which feel so good. I’ve also been doing some on-line fashion research. Spring is still on my mind. Kind of. Let me explain.

Snow and sunshine in Manotick.
View from my window this morning. Snow and sunshine.

It’s a beautiful day today, as I said. And while we may be walking on sunshine here at the moment, we’re still wading in snow. And wearing heavy coats because the temperature this morning is -17° C, and that’s without the added wind chill. Brrr.

So I’ve been scrolling my Pinterest page to get some inspiration on how to lighten up just a bit. How to get a teensy bit of spring without having to shed the heavy down coat. I used to do this every year when I worked. I’d get to a point in February where I couldn’t stand my heavy turtlenecks and sweaters anymore, so I’d haul out a spring tee shirt or blouse to wear under a suit that I usually paired with a sweater. Or swap a black jacket for navy with a pink underpinning. Or something… to change up the winter wardrobe that I’d been wearing since October. And still stay warm, because it was still winter… here.

Here are three looks that appealed to me. I love a plain white tee under black or tan. Or a white button down shirt under a winter coat, with a scarf for added warmth.

Looks that inspire me to add white tees and shirts to my winter wardrobe.
Original links for these images can be found on my Pinterest Board: here
I could try a striped tee. Or a pop of bright colour under a jacket or coat. And maybe I should I try lacing up my sneakers instead of pulling on my boots? Okay, maybe that should wait a few weeks.
Looks that inspire me to add stripes or colour to my winter wardrobe.
Original links for these images can be found on my Pinterest Board:  here
I tried several different outfits with a pop of colour or a white tee. Meh. Then, inspired by the blue striped tee and blue suit in the shot above, I dragged a navy Max Mara spring suit out of my closet. It’s pretty old, purchased back in the early 2000’s, but I have never been able to bring my self to get rid of it. Partly because it’s a beautiful suit. And it still fits. The jacket has quite a bit of stretch, with lovely outside stitching, and can be worn buttoned or cinched at the waist with the matching wide belt. I stopped wearing the suit partly because of the full-legged pants, and partly because of the sharp shoulders in the jacket. Which have, as I’m sure you know, made a come-back… along with full-legged pants.
Okay. I’m loving my old suit jacket with the A.L.C. tee shirt I bought last spring to take to Paris, my new-ish Current Elliott jeans, and my Paul Green ankle boots. I added this blue vintage brooch from the fifties, the Mackage bag I bought last month, and this royal blue scarf that I picked up on sale in January in Montreal. And I can slide my bulky, down coat on over the jacket easy-peasy. I feel good in this. Fierce even. Well, except for the fact that when I move too quickly my back hurts like heck. And I’m currently walking like a penguin. But other than that… fierce, like I said. And  little bit springy. Or should that be spring-ish?
My walking on sunshine outfit, to hurry spring along.
My Max Mara suit jacket, with my new-ish Current Elliott jeans, my Paul Green boots, and the Mackage bag I bought last month.

Now, I really do have to go and lie on my face on the floor. It’s taken me forever to write this post in fifteen minutes bursts. I may have to do my next one on my i-pad. I don’t have to sit down to use it.

Have a listen to this song by Katrina and the Waves from 1983. You have to love her bright red lipstick, and her red converse high-tops. This song just makes me want to dance along. Except that would hurt. Hope it cheers up your day a little. Especially if, like me, you’re all ready to start walking on sunshine, but are still wading snow.


What are you doing these days to bring a little spring into your wardrobe? Especially if spring is not yet ready to appear in your neighbourhood.

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26 thoughts on “I’m Walking on Sunshine Coz It’s Almost Spring… Maybe.”

    1. Thanks, Sue. I feel very fashion forward in this. Max Mara is one brand that I rarely re-sell. And I couldn't believe it matched my new scarf perfectly.

  1. That jacket looks so current as you've styled it — smart you for hanging onto it! Hope your back continues to improve — I find back pain so exhausting, but it sounds as if your physio has you on the mend. Now, enquiring minds want to know if you wear tights or silk long johns under those Current Elliots or do you just walk very briskly in minus 17 temps. I've been in Ottawa at 10 below and, with the wind chill, that's about my tolerance level and I couldn't cope with just jeans over bare legs….

    1. Well spotted, Frances. No bare legs under jeans for me, except for picture taking. I wear light tights or pantyhose under my pants until well into April. Nothing colder than cold denim next to your skin. Except for those bare ankles that I see in all the fashion blogs. I don't know how do those girls do that when it gets cool…let alone cold.

    1. That's another blast from the past…Dynafit. Still the song does make you want to jump around, doesn't it? Remember "20 Minute Work-out" on TV in the eighties… when the instructor yelled "Four more," and it sounded like "Fo mo." I used to follow along to that program in the early eighties when I lived in New Brunswick.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your back! No fun! Please take care of you. Sounds like you are following good counsel. Even with a sore back, you look fabulous in your jacket/jean combination. In Los Angeles, we are experiencing spring-like weather with no rain, unfortunately. I am not ready to put away my boots, sweaters, and long sleeves.
    charlene h.

  3. You make a good case for not clearing out quality clothes if you haven't worn them recently – I often fit something old into my current wardrobe after a long break & feel quite virtuous. Love the outfit , we could be twins – if I were younger , slimmer & had leg extensions 🙂 Sorry about the back , hubby has the same problem & last time it 'went' he was tying his shoelaces .
    Wendy in York

    1. That made me laugh, Wendy. Hubby always says that I must have been stretched as a child. I have what he calls "high hips." Doesn't take much to do my backs in. I remember once that Hubby was so insulted; he slipped a disc in his back picking a bean in the veg garden. Totally confirmed everything I already thought about working in the garden.

  4. What started as a beautiful sunny day is now overcast and it's hailing … I had to run around closing windows, little white balls flying in everywhere!
    Your jacket looks good …very stylish! My favourite is when you're wearing it with a Breton tee. Your Mackage bag was an inspired purshase. I'm quietly converting it 🙂 I'm also a little jealous of your view and the snow …although not the wind chill!
    Health tip : there's no housework that's good for your back! Another reason to minimise it 🙂 hope you're soon pain free and able to move easily.
    I just love that song …dreaming of long, hot summer days … Well not too hot! 🙂
    Take care,

    1. Thanks Rosie. That view and the river is one reason we don't want to move, even though living here has problems. So lovely seeing the ducks and otters etc. There's always something to look at on the river.

  5. The snow is beautiful! We did not have winter in South Texas this year, barely wore a heavy coat! But, I would really enjoy more seasonal weather…believe it or not! You have proven yet again the power a tailored jacket can have for any outfit…casual to fancy. You look great in this one, Susan!

  6. Like others love your new combo of clothes. We are often told to get rid of anything we have not worn for a year or so. Your outfit just proves how wrong the fashion pundits can be as your jacket looks great. Good clothes are always worth hanging on to. Hope your back improves quickly. Nothing more miserable than a bad back. I hurt mine in the fall helping hubby lift the empty trailer but is better now. So easily done.

    1. I think there are special items that we should always keep. If they fit and are well made. I have several old jackets that I wore for a few years, put away, and hauled out again. Nothing like nerve pain to make us be thankful for our health…when it goes away, that is.

    1. I will, Arlene. I know you can feel my pain:) And that song… I remember that's the one you and Claire did for teacher karaoke. Hope you are keeping well and that school is good this year.

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