In Dire Need of Some Spring Inspiration

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Have you seen the 1980 movie Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn? Well… there’s a scene where Judy/Goldie is on guard duty at night. It’s dark, it’s raining. She’s soaked, her wet hair hanging in her face. She’s in a helmet, carrying a full pack and a rifle, draped in a green rain-slicker that looks like a big garbage bag, and of course, she’s wearing heavy army boots. And she’s whining: “I want to be normal again. I want to go out for lunch. I want to wear sandals…” 

I love that bit about wearing sandals. In fact, I feel like that every winter around this time. So tired of wearing heavy coats, scarves, and gloves. Sick to death of pulling heavy boots on every time I want to go out doors. Especially this week. You see, I was home with my mum in New Brunswick last week basking in what felt like spring sunshine and watching the snow melt in the fields. 



New Brunswick in a warm February
February thaw in New Brunswick. Just enough warmth to make me think spring might come.

But while I was down east thinking that spring might be just around the corner, Ottawa was experiencing the worst one-day storm in history. Over fifty centimetres of snow. And then I came home. And this week it’s snowed again. And yesterday we had a melange of sideways snowing, freezing rain (also sideways), and rain. And tonight the temperature is supposed to drop to -15°C with a wind chill of -24°. So it’s back in the deep-freeze for us. And all the melted snow and slush will become pure ice…and… and… and… argggg. I love winter, but I hate this crap. And so today I’m whining… I want to go out to lunch, and I want to wear sandals. And I think I need some stress-relieving spring fashion inspiration. Really, really need it. 


And then this morning I opened an e-mail from Matches Fashion on “Spring Colour Trends.” Oh my. Yummy colours like orange. And tangerine. Lovely. I could feel my mood lifting.

High Heels in the Wilderness: Spring fashion inspiration
Looks from 
So, second cup of tea poured, I buckled down to do some serious spring fashion research. First I trawled around the internet. Theory has some nice things for spring. So does J Crew. But their creams and beiges, and pale blues just weren’t doing it for me this morning. Besides, I couldn’t get that Matches Fashion e-mail out of my mind’s eye. Their editors have organized (Or should I say curated? It seems to be the in-word for fashionistas these days) into five colour collections: Vivid Red, Tangerine Orange, Citrus Yellow, Bright Green, and Cobalt Blue. That’s what I really was craving… colour. 
So based on my research, on what I’ve read in fashion magazines, and seen around the web. Considering what I would actually wear, what might work for me, my lifestyle, and my over-fifty (almost sixty) year old body… here are the looks I chose, all from
Skirts and dresses in lovely blue and green. With bright flats.
Blue and green spring looks on
Looks from 
Pants and culottes with little cardigans, or loosely draped pullovers. I’m seriously going to put culottes on my spring wish list.


Bright spring looks on
Looks from 
And sunny yellow sweaters and skirts. Looks as if skirts (or dresses) are definitely on my spring radar this season. That sweet yellow cardigan reminds me of one of the outfits from my post on Fifties Fashion last week.
Sunny yellow looks from
Looks from 


You’ll note that there are no outfits with jeans. I don’t need inspiration to wear jeans; I already wear them entirely too much. I’m hoping to focus more this spring on skirts, and dresses, and culottes. And did you notice? In all the shots… everywhere, everywhere… sandals, sandals, and lovely little flats. Not a heavy boot in sight. 


Sigh. I feel so much better. I can’t be gloomy when I’m planning my spring shopping. Now…. I have to survey my closet, look at what I have and what I don’t have, what still fits, and what won’t work this year, and then make my list. But never mind that now… I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about that whole process before I’m finished. 


Now, I really must go. I have book club tomorrow evening, and I’m not even halfway finished my book. I’ve been so wrapped up in Harper Lee and her life and work this week, I’ve hardly read anything else. 


I can hear the wind blowing outside my window, and I know the temperature is plummeting. Now that I’ve satiated my dire need for spring fashion inspiration… I’m happy to spend the evening reading in front of the fire. And later when Hubby and I settle down for our long winter’s nap, I know that visions of sweaters the colour of sunshine and orange sherbet will be dancing in my head. 

Ah… you have to love Goldie Hawn, don’t you think. That movie always reminds me of my own rather limited time in the Canadian Armed Forces. But that’s a tale for another post.

How about you, my friends? Are you in need of some spring fashion inspiration? Are you longing for sandals and sweaters the colour of orange sherbet?

P.S. I’ve been updating the links on my blog and it appears that the pieces I’ve shown from Matches Fashion are no longer available on their site.

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16 thoughts on “In Dire Need of Some Spring Inspiration”

  1. Hi Sue, I'm definitely an Autumn/Winter person clothes wise. I love my cashmere sweaters, boots, scarves hats etc. I'm my happiest dressed for the cold and snow and interestingly it's when I feel I look my best! 🙂 I was actually thrilled to find some boots …bought black then tan, that are stylish but sooo comfy …like wearing my hiking boots! ha ha.
    Not sure with auburn hair that I ll wear the tangerine and orange shades, although over the years I've had orange cardigans, and they went so well with navy, black, brown, beige. Also I have a couple of beautiful golden yellow bags, a tote and a clutch that I thought I'd use a lot and don't . Maybe now's the time?
    Just like to say how much I enjoyed your "Retirement" post. Hubby's right it really should be a new beginning not the end. It seems sad that so many people view it as the end and find it hard to embrace it as something new and exciting.
    Good Luck with your Spring/Summer planning and have a lovely weekend …. now that every days a "weekend" 🙂

    1. You know, I'm much more of an autumn person too. I simply love boots and jeans and blazers. But it's the wading slush and snowbanks, and the boots ruined with salt, and cold cars, and and and all that other winter stuff that gets to me this time of year. And thinking of sunny yellow sweaters just seems to help with that. Glad you liked the retirement piece. Between my post and Frances over at Materfamilias and Lisa at Privilege we had quite a conversation going that week. By the way… I received your e-mail about travel. I've just been ruminating about my response. I haven't forgotten it and I will reply in the next few days.

  2. Here in the York we haven't had a proper winter . Only a few frosty nights & the odd snowflake , no white winter wonderland to send the dogs loopy & get the kids next door building their snowman with snow dog . Just rain & mud , not good so I'm enjoying seeing the little signs of spring now . I grumble , but I love the changing seasons & wouldn't be happy with endless sunshine . It's great to see all those cheery , bright clothes but some could look a little over bright here in our cooler ( sometimes non-existent) summers . I'm looking forward to seeing you adapt these latest fashions into your lifestyle as I'm not very good at that – I like the red , blue & green collection best .
    Wendy in York

    1. I love the changing seasons as well, Wendy. It just sometimes feels like fall is too short and winter is too long. But I really can't complain this year… what with our warm temps right up to Christmas. But of course I did complain… about the lack of skiing. Same as now. Can't ski on sheer ice.
      I'l going to give skirts and dresses a go this year… well, maybe in the singular sense. Can't see myself buying multiple dresses. One will do. And I can't see myself ever NOT wearing jeans… just that I maybe should branch out a bit.

  3. I hear you about the weather!! We were looking at the grass, then it snowed, then some freezing rain, then more snow, and apparently it will rain this weekend and hover around 7 degrees. And so the process repeats… I am very happy to see the blue/green combination for spring. I love that! I also love the bright yellow, especially with white or a very dark denim. Thanks for doing the research for all of us! -Jenn

    1. It was so lovely last week in New Brunswick. I walked all across the fields on the farm in my rubber boots. And the roads were bare and my down coat was definitely too warm a couple of days. Back in the freezer this week, though. Love yellow with dark denim or white too.

  4. Winter has me worn down to simply not doing any fashion posts…. but I am enjoying yours! So glad to see you post some vivid colors too… that soft pink and blue that pantene chose as colors of the year is so boring. It just makes me think of baby nursery colors and also, the softness of them does nothing for already pale complexion. That orange is exquisite! Thanks for brightening my day,

    1. It gets tough this time of year doesn't it? I can't bear doing another post on turtlenecks even though that's what I'm still wearing. I'm not much of a pastel person either. Most of them make me look ill… especially that popular rose-gold. I look like I need a transfusion in that colour.

  5. We are just at the tail end of our summer here in Australia. It's not a season that I enjoy. We can get days of scorching hot weather and hot blustery wind…can't handle it. Fortunately, this summer has been quite lovely. Days of just being grateful for being alive and enjoying blue skies. Australia is a vast country and some states have had the usual torrid hot days, but, not us this year. Yay! I even sunbathed, something that I can't do very often with my fair skin.
    Hope your Spring is not too far away. Linda C.

    1. Oh… I miss Australia. We've visited twice on extended three month holidays and each time we've come home to realize that we need to go back. Having said that the 40° C temps must be difficult to withstand. I was in full-blown menopause the last time we were there… hot flashes in Broome were…well… interesting:) Maybe I'll just think about you and your lovely weather today. And try to forget the weather forecast for Ottawa. Thanks for stopping by, Linda.

    1. Thank you for the reply! I belong to three bookclubs and am always looking for a good book to discuss. I will look into this one.

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