These Boots

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We’ve finally had snow. And I’ve finally been cross-country skiing. One afternoon last week Hubby and I skied across the golf course near our house, bushwhacked a short way through the woods, and onto an old farm track that a local farmer grooms for his horse and sleigh. The conditions were perfect: sunny, -5°C, with gorgeous snow. Winter can be wonderful. 

Then, with thoughts of snow on my mind, I came home and dug these Stuart Weitzman leather and suede boots out of my closet. I haven’t worn high boots yet this winter. And these boots were meant for wading. Wading snow, that is. And I love them.


simple and polished in Stuart Weitzman boots
Me and  my Stuart Weitzman boots.
The low heel means these boots were made for walking too. But I only wear them when the winter weather is cold enough that they aren’t ruined by slush and muck. They’re nice and high, and perfect for tucking jeans into, like these Paige high-rise skinnies. I’m still not wholly comfortable with pants tucked into boots, unless it’s winter when it doesn’t feel contrived. I love the grommet detailing and the decorative strap in the back of my boots. But as I am not given to outfits which have too much going on, I kept the rest of my look simple. Just my camel Aritzia turtleneck and my Max Mara coat. 
          simple and polished in Stuart Weitzman boots
And sadly, that was last week. And now. Well… now… it’s been raining for two days. And mild. And all that lovely snow is just fading away. Pooh. The ice in the river is almost melted. And there’s water and slush everywhere. So my lovely brown Stuart Weitzman boots go back in the closet. The ducks are happy, anyway.
snow is leaving
Raining and warm. And getting greener, unfortunately.
And the sound of ducks on the river again makes me think of fishing. Which makes me think of my Hunter fishing boots. I mean, why not? Everyone else is wearing Hunter boots with their jeans. I tried mine with my cropped Citizens of Humanity jeans, and this gingham shirt and cream wool sweater, both from Gap. Bit too Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm-esque… do you think?
Hunter boots and jeans       
You know, these boots really were meant for wading. They are my fishing boots, after all. Hubby has an identical pair; that’s why my name is written in them. He bought these for me for Christmas several years ago… long before the fashion world decided that Hunter boots were chic. They’re wonderful boots, actually. The first rubber boots that fit me and in which I can walk for any distance. Perfect for stream fishing. But I’m not sure I can bring myself to wear them to town. 


Hunter fishing boots
My Hunter fishing boots. 


Still. Maybe with my Gortex jacket? I can pretend that I’ve just stopped off to pick up a few things on my way home from the stables? Or that I left my fishing rod and tackle in the car? They do look kind of cool. Could it be that these boots were meant for shopping, as well as walking and wading?

casual grocery shopping outfit
Ready for errand running, Hunter boots and all.
Nancy Sinatra’s boots may well have been meant for walking. But definitely NOT for wading. Have a look at this vintage video.


I love that old song. Reminds me of when I was teaching, and the Christmas Assembly at my school in 1998. Dressed in our high black boots and mini-skirts, with our hair back-combed to within an inch of its life, four of us teachers performed this song. Of course, I use the word “performed” loosely, we lip-synced, and danced… and the kids in the audience went nuts! They love it when their teachers make fools of themselves. And, well, we love it too. Still makes me smile thinking of that. And…and… I have the video. One of the teachers filmed the whole thing. Now that is a video that will never see the light of day except in my own living room!   

So, I’m off, now, to pick up a few groceries. Wearing my Hunter boots and my Gortex jacket. Hubby and I are making a big batch of chili today. Going into production mode as it were. We always make tons, enough to freeze several meals.   

And speaking of freezing. Despite the fact that it’s +3°C right now, the temperature is dropping to -15° overnight. And I won’t be wearing these Hunter boots tomorrow. It will be a skating rink out there.  

Good thing I had my skates sharpened last week.             

How about you? What’s your take on these boots… or others… or just boots in general?

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39 thoughts on “These Boots”

    1. Thanks Patti. After months of sandals, I can't wait to get into my boots in the fall. Thanks so much for providing athe platform of Visible Monday! It's the best.

  1. I too had a delemma..we were in Santa Fe,NM had two pairs Sam Edelman, one Tory Burch, and lots of wet snow and slushy mess… and you walk everywhere . .Edelman was the choice, and did fine . …what was I thinking TB with that mess! Definitely cold dry weather..only

    1. Wet snow and slush are the worst. Hard when you only like to wear leather boots. Lots of waterproofing needed…and elbow grease to clean the salt! Fashion can be labour intensive!

  2. Love those Stuart Weitzman boots! And I think the Hunters have become perfectly acceptable for "city" wear and your outfits with them are very cute. I'm really impressed with that sweater you made! I've never knit a stitch…

    1. Thanks, Sue. Because I've only worn them in the bush…it will take some time for me to get used to being seen in public in my Hunters. About knitting.. my best friend's mother and my own mother were my tutors… and it helped me quit smoking way back when. Can't smoke and knit at the same time!

    1. That's a good way to put it…they certainly do have staying power those hand knit sweaters! Unless they shrink. Great idea to knit cuffs. I'll get on that… right after I finish my scarf!

  3. Those Stuart Weitzman boots are lovely. I have a pair of La Canadienne suede boots, shearling-lined, which I also only wear when it's cold and dry – and unfortunately, I can't wear them with jeans tucked in, I don't have your slim legs! Otherwise I wear my Baffin snow boots (from Marks) or, if I'm driving, my Ammann ankle boots. That's a Swiss brand, the uppers are calf hair and there is some shearling inside – I tried them on in Wolf and Zed in Ottawa at sale time last year, then stalked them online until I felt I could justify buying them.

    And thanks for the weather heads-up – I don't think I'll be driving to the gym in the morning!

    1. Thanks, Patricia. I just checked out Wolf and Zed on the net. I'd never heard of them. Same company as Shad, aren't they? I haven't been shopping down Sussex for ages. But going to the Rideau Centre today… so I'm going to go have a peek. Thanks for that.

  4. I think you good in all of them. We were dairy farmers for 40 years in Oklahoma, hunter boots were chore boots. But I love them on people, you especially. I guess I was in style for years and didn't know it! I love you're post. Love your writing style.

    1. I know what you mean. I grew up on a farm and rubber boots always make me feel like I'm going to the barn. Or fishing. My mum and I laughed last week about my barn fashion when I was a teenager. If my step-father who worked on the government snow plow in the winter, could not get home for chores, I'd feed the cows. And when it was really cold I'd wear my mum's old fur jacket. Best dressed farmer in the province.

  5. Found your blog from the link up. Those Stuart Weizmann boots are so fantastic and look great on you. But the Hunters….well, I love my Hunters. I live on the West Coast and Hunters are pretty much standard issue for all the rain.

  6. Leslie in Oregon

    I wouldn't hesitate a bit to wear Hunters in Portland, where we have quite a few potentially-rainy (but few snowy) winter days. Best wishes for getting enough cold weather for outdoor snow and ice sports this winter. When I did some work in Anchorage, Alaska last winter, I saw firsthand how disappointing it can be to have little snow or ice in a place that depends upon both for winter recreation.

    1. It was kind of disappointing to lose all our lovely snow on the weekend. But it snowed today. We want to be able to get away at the end of the month for a ski week. Still, when we get rain here in Ottawa, the higher elevation ski areas get it as snow sometimes…so fingers crossed.

  7. I love your Hunters and your hair!!! It looks sharp:) I love a fresh cut too..It has a really nice line when seen from the side (your hair that is) heh..Best Coco

  8. Brought a pair of black Hunters along with me on our road trip to Portland (after all, we had the car, so packing wasn't an issue) — and I'm so glad I did! I don't really even care if they're urban enough — it's just so wet here and these boots were made for walkin' . . . in the rain! Nancy would need an umbrella to go with her boots here! (and you look cute enough in yours to wear them anywhere — here on the West Coast, no one would blink an eye, downtown or streamside. . . .

  9. Great boots Sue! I think you can wear your Hunters pretty much anywhere …apart from maybe a formal function! 🙂 I'm sure we d all love to see the video of you dancing to Nancy Sinatra!! Well done! I'm sure everyone present had great fun! I just love your Lopi sweater, so on trend. I regret taking a similar one ( although not as nice as yours) to a charity shop a few years ago, hopefully someone's still wearing it!!
    Thanks for introducing me to Forage Fashion. I'm really enjoying reading her blog and being inspired by her styling.
    Have a good week!

    1. Thanks, Rosie. Every time I think of getting rid of that sweater, I remember all the hard work to make it and put it back in the drawer. I was happy when I saw that they were trendy this year. Heather's style is great isn't it? I like that she's so young but her looks are still timeless and appropriate for someone my age…well most of them.

  10. Hi Sue,
    Just found you on Jennifer's A Well Styled Life. I'm also the tomboy who wears chic clothes to dig for artifacts in the jungles of the Yucatan. Your brands are some of my favorites, and I like your writing style, so I've subscribed. Come check me out on 1010ParkPlace at Brenda's Blog. You'll also like the Style Inspiration pieces I do there. Coming soon is former supermodel, Dayle Haddon. A chic woman who fights to educate girls around the world.
    Talk again, soon!

  11. Well, I like the Hunter boots, but I know what you mean about not always feeling a look is you. Enjoy all your winter sports. That chili sounds good, too. I should make some to freeze.
    Mary Lou

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