Year: 2015

The Kids Are Alright

Yesterday I attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies at my old school. And I was reminded that teenagers today are a pretty cool bunch.  Remembrance Day is a big deal at John McCrae Secondary School; after all the school was named after the war poet who penned “In Flanders Field.” And the school ceremony, and Remembrance Day itself, …

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Truth in Blogging Or “Practice What You Post.”

I’m feeling a bit jaded about fashion blogging these days. Not fashion blogging in general. Just outfit posts. My own outfit posts. And by jaded I mean apathetic, wearied, lacking enthusiasm. Or as says, “surfeited, satiated by over-indulgence.” That sounds about right. I tried to do a couple of outfit posts this week, but …

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Girls Etc. on Trains

I’ve finally read Paula Hawkins’ book Girl on the Train. I liked it. At times I loved it, and at other times I despaired of the plot and the characters… so, I guess when you balance those two reactions…you could say that I liked it. The story revolves around Rachel, the “girl on the …

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