Singing the Blues

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Summer is finally here. So we’re not really singing the blues… except to revel in the fact that there’s been so much blue sky. We’ve been biking and walking and gardening. Okay, to be honest, Hubby has been gardening and I’ve been offering encouraging words, and eating the fresh produce, of course. I don’t garden. I hate gardening…weeding… or picking of any kind. It all started with a bad experience with beans when I was a teenager. But I’ll save that story for another post.


The official start of our summer is Canada Day on July 1.  And even though it rained hard off and on all day, I hear the festivities at Parliament Hill were well attended. We sat on our sofa and watched our neighbour’s backyard fireworks across the river. Not too bad despite the rain, and the wind, which was quite strong at times. Apparently, the fall-out from fireworks can be bad news if they land on your roof. We wondered if the neighbour downwind had the fire department on speed dial. 


A week or so ago, I was able to partake in what will no doubt for me become just as much a harbinger of summer as Canada Day… Nordstrom’s Summer Sale. I went. I saw. I spent. And now you might say that I’m really singing the blues…. or more to the point… singing the praises of blue. 
The Nordstrom store in Ottawa has only been open a few months, and I’m a fan. Not only because several of my favourite sales people from Holt Renfrew were wisely (in my opinion) hired by Nordstrom, when Holts closed. But also because I really like their merchandise. I loved Holts and shopped there for years. But Nordstrom has fewer high end designers than Holts did, brands like Armani and Prada, which I love, but can not afford. And more of the middle of the road ones, like Theory and Vince, which I can. 
The day I visited was almost the last day of the sale and I didn’t have much hope that I would find anything. My friend Liz opened a dressing room for me, and I toured the sales racks. I was being strict with myself; I was looking for long, loose tops or casual summer dresses. That’s it. No being tempted by something I didn’t need just because it was on sale. 
I tried on at least ten tops. Maybe more. And I found this light, almost sheer, denim blue and white Tory Burch tunic. It’s so light you can see the red of our deck and the green of the trees right through it. And, what’s more, I tried it on in April when I was shopping for our Paris trip, and didn’t buy it. And now it was on sale. Yah. And while I didn’t need it for spring in France, it sure is exactly what I was hoping to find for summer in Ottawa.
Tory Burch tunic
I’ve worn it lots already. With a white cami underneath, my rolled up Citizens of Humanity jeans, and my black Michael Kors flat sandals… for running errands… or coffee with a friend. 
Tory Burch tunic, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Michael Kors sandals     

Or with my white cropped NYDJ jeans, a denim blue cami underneath and my black sandals. I’m off to my book club luncheon here.

Theory cami, Tory Burch tunic, NYDJ white jeans, Michael Kors sandals and tote bag     
Or even with an old pair of Hudson white, boot cut jeans. I might start wearing these jeans again. I like them with this top. And these metallic sandals from several years ago.


Tory Burch tunic, Hudson boot cut white jeans
And speaking of resurrecting items from years past. I’ve been looking for a new way to wear this Burberry denim pencil skirt. I love, love this skirt. It never bags or loses its shape and has four beautiful pewter buttons along the slit in the back. I featured this skirt in a post I wrote last summer on “Investment Dressing”… you can read it here if you’re interested. You know an investment piece has paid off when, even after several seasons, you can pair it with something new, say, a new top, and go, “Ahhh. I still love this.” 


Tory Burch tunic, Burberry denim skirt, Stan Smith Adidas
This is what I wore to run errands yesterday. So comfortable. And my first foray into the sneakers with a skirt trend. And while I was waltzing down memory lane with my skirt and white boot-cut jeans, I thought I would dig out this old straw Michael Kors bag. I have had this for many moons… and never been able to get rid of it, even when I bought my gold leather tote from MK a couple of years ago. I’m thinking that the metallic clasp and handle trim make it very on trend? Or not. I just love it anyway. And it looks great with this “run-around” outfit.  


Tory Burch tunic, Burberry denim skirt, Stan Smith Adidas, Michael Kors straw tote     


So in my last fashion post I was all about pink. Now… I’m blue all over. Blue on blue, and blue on white. Not singing the blues, but definitely singing the praises of blue. 
And I’m hoping that my team does well in the Tour de France. This year I’m harking back to the past and cheering again for the Astana team… and of course it has nothing to do with those fetching turquoise blue uniforms. Nothing at all. 
Hubby and I will be camping next week… off in the wilderness. So I won’t be posting for a week or so. Enjoy the beginning of summer folks. That is unless you live in the southern hemisphere…. then happy beginning of winter. 




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25 thoughts on “Singing the Blues”

  1. That top was a GREAT purchase. I can see you will get a lot of wear from it. I really like how the sneakers "loosen up" the pencil skirt. It works! And now I'm off to check out your pink post, as earlier today I ordered some pink lightweight ankle pants from Nordstrom….

  2. Love gardening , hate camping ( Dad was an enthusiast & I have lots of bad memories of our family camping trips ) . That blue top is lovely & very versatile . I have a similar one , in a slightly heavier fabric ( silk) that I am wearing soon with navy silk trousers , for a family wedding in the country . I'm hoping silver bag & shoes with a serious necklace will 'do the business ' . Have a good trip
    Wendy in York

    1. Maybe it's the amount one is forced to do something as a child that puts us off as adults??? Your trouser outfit sounds lovely…especially with silver accessories. I love blue and silver.

  3. Love your new top and the many ways you've styled it. A great addition to your wardrobe and all the better when you got it in the sales. Happy camping. Iris

  4. I love the blue top, also. It is great to see it works with so many of your existing pieces. It also seems to be a bit chameleon-like, due to its transparency, and what is layered beneath. Nice choice!

    1. Thanks Suz. Yes…I didn't even notice it until I got it home and put a darker tank under it. Funny but without a cami you don't even notice the transparency.
      P.S. We've got our PVR prorgammed for recording the Tour when we're away..back in time for the exciting stuff, though.

  5. Love that pencil skirt, tunic, and sneakers outfit. I find myself increasingly irreverent in style – you've managed the perfect amount of cheekiness IMHO:).

    1. Thanks Lisa.You are the queen of irreverent…I need to learn to emulate that. Sometimes I'm too "buttoned up"…as in can't wear that with this rules.

  6. Really love the Tory Burch tunic .. So versatile! Have a wonderful time camping. I hope the weathers good for you. Have fun!!

  7. I love this top. The blue and white is particular favorite of mine. I love the way you style and multipurpose garments!! Bravo!! Hoping you're having a fabulous trip. Thanks for sharing on #stylefocus

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