Sunday Style III … When Menopause Is My Stylist

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Did you watch soap operas as a teenager? We did. The soaps were all the rage on campus when I was in university. At the Student Union Building (the “Sub”), there was a TV room. (Wow…that definitely dates me.) Carpeted risers, like bleachers that rose up to the ceiling around the room, were packed on weekday afternoons at 3 o’clock. Everyone was crazy for Another World. Some people, ahem, like moi,  even went so far as to skip the occasional Physics 1000 class so as not to miss that classic opening: “And now the continuing story of….” I guess that kind of explains why I became an English teacher instead of teaching …say… Physics. 
Anyhoo. The “continuing story” of adapting my former work wardrobe to what I call my retirement, casual, no-work-for-me “Sunday Style” continues apace. Like our favourite soap opera, the saga just keeps going on and on. Some characters switch roles, and even have such a personality change they become unrecognizable. Like when Rachel on Another World went from being evil incarnate, to discovering sculpture, to finally being cast as the sensitive artist, loyal wife and mother type. The very model of the quick change artist. 
Such is the story of the jackets I used to wear to work… they need to change roles, big time. Several of them have made the leap from work wear to “Sunday Style.” Even so, most of them get little wear in the winter, now, simply because they’re too uncomfortable under a winter coat. 
But one jacket I own has potential for winter wear. It’s a short, black, zippered jacket by Theory, with a bit of edgy detail, and lots of stretch. That’s the big clincher, for me… the stretch. That’s what makes it comfortable under a heavy coat. Other good things about Theory jackets are their versatility, they can go from business to casual easily, and they never seem to go out of style. 
I found short jackets of all kinds on Like these three by Elizabeth and James, IRO, and BLK DNM. 
The grey IRO jacket in the middle is the most similar to mine. But I liked what the stylists at Net-a-porter did with the other two as well. 
Okay. Here goes. Let the jacket rehab commence. 
Here, I’m trying my Theory jacket with my leather pants, red Gap tee shirt, and loafers. Looks good, I think. Great for dinner out with Hubby. Or lunch with the book club ladies?
Here you can see some of the detail on the jacket. It has zippers on the sleeves, and  a kind of ruched collar. I’m also wearing a couple of vintage necklaces that I’ve had for years. I love my red and white beads from the 1920’s. 

The jacket has gathering at the waist in back which creates a bit of shape. Good for those of us that don’t actually have a waist. Oh… I so want to reach into this picture and straighten out the hem of my tee shirt. 
Here I’m trying the jacket with J-brand skinny jeans, a striped tee from Gap, and my short, black Cole Haan boots. Boy, those are some looong, skinny legs. I maybe need a bit of volume on the bottom. I might switch up the skinny jeans for my bootcut 7 For All Mankind jeans.  Hmmm. We’ll see. 
Okay… look Number 3. White gap tee shirt, black J-brand jeans, gold and burgundy silk scarf. I like black and white and gold  together. Warmer than silver, I think.    
So I like all of these looks. They’re casual enough for “Sunday Style,” and I’m re-envisioning a work-wear jacket that I thought I might have to send to the thrift store. You know… like how they “kill off” characters on soaps when the actors leave to go to another show. So I guess this character will get to stick around for a while, just with a whole new identity.
But, just like winter can throw a monkey wrench into one’s style plans, so mother nature of a very different sort horned in on my wardrobe plans today. The kind of mother nature “issues” that often strike women of a certain age, like myself. And create a sort of personal, tropical micro-climate. And when the temperature goes up, the temper soon follows. And patience goes out the window. So trying to adjust a scarf and tuck even the most stretchy and compliant of jackets under my coat elicited a mini tantrum, albeit a silent one. No rolling on the floor and kicking and screaming. Just a reddening of face, a clenching of lips, and a swift and firm removal of the offending articles of clothing. Sigh. That’s better.
So the black jacket goes back in the closet, for today. I will definitely be able to place it in my “Sunday Style” rotation. Just. Not. Today.
Today. Menopause has decided what I will wear. My high waist, brown Yoga jeans, more roomy and easier to keep up than my black, skinny, low-rise J-brand ones. I’m keeping the white Gap tee and the gold earrings. And changing the jacket for this camel J Crew sweater, with lace applique. Ahhh. More comfortable. And no fussing with scarves and collars. 
What can I say. I gotta be me. And “me” today is the epitome of that character so often seen in soaps… the evil twin. She looks exactly like that other, cooler-headed, sweeter-natured, more patient with details Sue. But you seriously don’t want to mess with her. And when she wants comfort, you jump to comply. 
You see, when menopause is your stylist, one always obeys. Never mind, you can wear the jacket tomorrow.


So does mother nature ever exert her power over your fashion choices? I mean beyond the raincoat when it rains stuff. Come on… do tell. 

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Style III … When Menopause Is My Stylist”

  1. You brought back a great memory of my sorority house where we gathered between classes to watch the soaps! Good times! I think you are doing great with your style…I really like the look with the white tee underneath and the touch of leopard. I believe I have more options now and I love that! I also love your leather pants…wear them often! have a great weekend, Susan!

  2. I love how you stress the importance of trying out an outfit first before wearing it . It really does help to rethink some clothing that can be worn with different pieces. I, too, love the touch of leopard. Also—I am enjoying your choices of books. Thanks.

  3. We had a TV room at our dorm (no one had a personal TV) and yeah, we loved the soaps. You look smart and fab and your legs go on forever! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  4. I really love the outfit with the striped tee, but all look great. That jacket looks great on you and is definitely a Keeper. I used to work at a CBS TV station, so got hooked on As The World Turns and Guiding Light. Both of those are long gone. Reva + Josh 4 Ever.

  5. going even farther back than college, i remember my friends and i rushing home from high school in time to catch the day's episode of DARK SHADOWS. does anyone remember that cheesy but utterly irresistible gothic soap opera?

    i am now on my second elly griffiths mystery novel. thanks for the recommendation.

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