Month: October 2014

Slippage Part Deux … The Saga Continues

At the beginning of September I wrote a post about what I call “slippage.”  I was writing about my own life, the difficulty of keeping fit over time and the changes wrought by retirement. You can read my original post here. Oddly enough, I thought that “slippage” was a word I had made up. I guess I should have checked. defines “slippage” …

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Style in Six Words

I’m listening to my favourite radio show this morning while I write this post. “Q,” hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, can be heard on CBC radio every morning. Today Jian interviewed Canadian icon Neil Young, much loved by all Canadians, but especially by those of us who remember the 70’s. A few weeks ago I listened when Jian …

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Crafty Dreams

I’m dreaming about crafts these days. I’ve been inspired…. by my long time friend Bev and her beautiful handcrafted quilts.  And they are beautiful.  Bev’s a retired teacher like me. And she’s been creating her wonderful quilts for years now. The red, black and grey cat quilt (below) is one of her early creations. That’s …

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