Month: September 2014

Murder, She Writes

I know, I know… I wrote a post on “murder” only a few weeks ago. It must be all this shopping for jeans… frustration, failure, more frustration. I can’t sit still to read a literary novel and so fall back on my love of mysteries. Murder and mayhem, to use a cliché, more befitting of …

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Turn, Turn, Turn?

I have a friend who… every year when I arrived at work in a fall blazer for the first time that season…would exclaim…”Sue! You’ve turned your closet!” It became a joke in our teacher prep room, and the men with whom we worked eventually began competing with her; trying to be the first to notice that …

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The End of Jeans

Recently NBC news ran a story on the end of jeans.  Or rather, they reported, in a story by Courtney Reagan and Sabrina Korben, that Denim is in Real Danger of Going Out of Fashion. You can read the original on-line story here. That story was picked up by other media sources; I actually heard it in …

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