Waiting for Vogue

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August is waning. The evenings have a slight chill in the air now…. I feel the urge to don tweed and cashmere… and wear boots. 

It’s coming, people. Any day now. The September issue of Vogue.

But not soon enough for me. 

That’s because I’m doing my fall shopping homework… right NOW. Surveying my wardrobe, checking what I own that I will wear again this year.  Making my list of what I need or want.

And I’m making do with my July and August issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. How can I be inspired without the September fashion “bible”?

Still…I did find a few images that I like. This sweater and fringed skirt combination by Michael Kors, for instance. I love the sweater, and I’d wear it with jeans and loafers or boots.

August issue of Vogue

Or this outfit in the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I like the look of the ladylike coat with the loose full pants. Very Catherine Hepburn…maybe? 

And this look from July Vogue is lovely. The narrow trouser with that long white blazer from Dior is very me…. at least when I was still working. 

Or these two sweaters I found on Netaporter.com. The camel one from The Row is gorgeous isn’t it? And the cable knit Michael Kors sweater looks wonderful with those cream pants. 


But…..meanwhile….while I’m waiting for Vogue…. I might be persuaded to try to autumn-ize some of my summer items. The better to transition into fall. 

Like finding a way to continue to wear my white jeans. I tried these Hudson boot cut white jeans with my Gap long sleeved black tee shirt and a grey/black summer scarf….and my flat boots. It looks… okay. I could throw on my Theory anorak if it rains. Looks… fine.


Or instead of the anorak. My black Elie Tahari coat with the snazzy zippers and leather trim. It looks….fine, too….I guess. But I much prefer it with jeans or black skinny pants and a colourful top. 

Maybe I should try to pair my summer pants with a fall top. Like my absolute fav fall sweater…this loose grey Vince turtleneck from last year… with my cropped white jeans? 

No… no, no, no, no, no. Now that just looks silly, to me. 

Sigh. I guess I’m just not a transition girl. What I really want to do is pack all my white pants and sandals away and haul out my boots and tweed jackets. 

And while I’m waiting for the Vogue September issue…

I’ll work on my list…

1. Jeans (high waist, distressed, boyfriend?…we’ll see)
2. Soft sweaters (light texture, fall colours….camel, burgundy ?) 
3. Loafers? (those fabulous pointy toe, two-tone ones from Row would be good….or something similar and a bit more reasonably priced.)

What’s on your list for fall?

This week I’m linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy

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15 thoughts on “Waiting for Vogue”

    1. Exactly…. gotta get used to a homework of another kind. Although I always loved (and kind of miss) the beginning of the year prep. Seeing a whole course laid out, all the units building nicely to the summative and exam…before the stress of snow days, football days, early March Break and Christmas "holidays" etc etc when 2/3 of one's class would disappear, eating away at one's finely tuned plan. Not to mention the exhortations to "be flexible" when one was bent over backward already…yeah…that. Don't miss that!

  1. I love your white jean styles…and like you I am ready for fall. I wish we had cool evenings…we are in our hottest time right now and it is brutal…i long for early fall. I rushed for the Sept issues and just sit and dream!

  2. Once term starts, I can't count on any shopping time, but I grabbed a few new pieces when I had a few hours between family stuff in Vancouver over the last two weeks. Not nearly as disciplined or organized as you, and at a few points I found myself trying to remember what I had at home. My pieces are somewhat transitional, but given the heat of the non-air-conditioned, south-facing classrooms I'll be working in through September (usually still warm here in the daytime) I think cotton shifts will be the order of the day for another month. I like the transitional outfits you've put together as ways to keep wearing your white jeans, but I couldn't wear the turtleneck inside for teaching no matter what time of year. . . .hot flash just looking at it! 😉

  3. You should have a digital subscription … it's been out for several days. Dandy on my Kindle 8.9, and bet it's great on an iPad, of course.
    You seem to be figuring out the transitional time just beautifully! White jeans are great this time of year, especially, and your combinations are elegant. How pretty you look in your black and white pieces. Always sophisticated, that pairing!
    I'm beginning my Fall Lust List, too, but here there is plenty of time to look ahead. Still closet shopping this year's summer combos and getting lots of wear out of the pieces I particularly love!

    1. I know I should go digital. But I still love the glossy pages. I'm doing some closet shopping as well…trying for some combos that I haven't worn yet before I pack it all away in a few weeks.
      Thanks for stopping by, Jan.

    2. Your hard copy has undoubtedly arrived, 'cause mine did yesterday morning. Dan brought in the mail, and does his annual whine about how big it is. Yum. Know what you mean … I love the jump the digital gives me, but it's so satisfying to sit down and enjoy a taste of the Rites of Fall for fashion lovers. Happy wish-booking.

  4. I just hopped over to you from Fifty, Not Frumpy and love your concept. I'm a retired teacher too, but definitely not as stylish as you. I'm going to go out on a limb here and hope you'll take this in the manner it was written. I don't think white jeans look "right" to us when paired with fall colors and sweaters. Maybe it's just me. I love everything else about your blog!

    1. I tend to agree Jennie. Maybe it's that white jeans are ..well..too white. I know I've had "winter white" wool pants in the past and loved them. But I can't help but feel that white jeans are summer only.
      Thanks for hopping on over.

  5. I shop non stop.
    On my list:
    – something with ponte and leather
    – more cashmere sweaters
    – a new watch. Something in stainless.
    – I just placed my first order with Poetry and I'm excited to see how I like it.

    1. Well…thanks very much for the comment. I had never heard of "ponte"..so I looked it up. Or of "Poetry" …except in the literary sense. So what did you order from "Poetry?"

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