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The summer is more than half over, and while I’m still enjoying wearing my white jeans and favourite sandals…and packing for our summer holiday… I’m dreaming about fall.

It happens every year at this time. The beginning of school is only a few weeks away and a switch goes off in my head. And I start thinking about crisp, sunny days, and tweed blazers or jeans with sweaters and boots. And I know it’s time to start doing my homework for fall shopping.

Yessss! I love homework. And now that I am no longer teaching, my homework is all about where we want to travel and what new books I want to read…and what I’ll be wearing while I’m doing all these things.

October 2012, near Wilno Ontario.

First……. research, research, research. I start my research with  my favourite “credible sources” (as we English teacher types say to our students.)

This is the cover of the August issue of Vogue. The fall colours in the shot of Blake Lively are wonderful.  I love that red dress.

Vogue August 2014

And this western inspired outfit of suede and leather and silk (I believe) in browns and cream…so luscious. Earthy and fresh at the same time.

Vogue August 2014

The shots below are from the June/July issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Lots of grey this year. Hmmm I have lovely grey trousers and a couple of grey sweaters that I may dig out and try to freshen up for this season. I love the proportions of that Bottega Veneta grey pull-over and full skirt.

June/July Harper’s Bazaar

Cosy sweaters are big, apparently. The Michael Kors  coat sweater on the right is lovely. And as much as I admire some of the ideas behind the designs of The Row… that charcoal grey sweater and knit skirt combo is well…overpowering? Downright weird?

June/July Harper’s Bazaar

I’ll probably check out soon to see the fall ready-to-wear collections for some of the designers I love. Like Stella McCartney. Or Phoebe Philo at Celine. This is just for info, you have to understand. I mean I’d love to be able to wear their clothes… but, ha…chance would be a fine thing. Nice to look at, but too pricey for moi.

The two shots below are from Oooooh that camel jacket with the black is divine. I adore camel. And the shrunken jacket with the distressed jeans is really… so me.

I love a dressy shoe and jacket with faded denim. It just goes to show you that you can take the girl out of the 1970’s, but you can’t take the 1970’s out of the girl. See how we are all informed by the era when we went to high school? Me… I can’t resist battered leather purses and suede jackets with faded jeans. That’s what I coveted in high school and not much has changed. Except girth…but we won’t go there. 

I discovered Madewell denim when I was looking at pictures of jeans on the web yesterday. Why have I never heard of this company? I love their jeans. Especially since they have straight leg and high rise styles. Yah! I am so done with low rise pants!
I might even be persuaded into a pair of boyfriend jeans if they were slim in the leg like these. Although I’m not sure about the rise here.
Yep. Love these. Love the oxford shoes too.
I just read that the head of design at Madewell , Somsack Sikhounmuong, is a Canadian. Well there IS quite a bit of plaid in his fall collection (ever heard of the Canadian tuxedo?) and he does love Neil Young. You can read an interview with Somsack Sikhounmuong here.

And he says that when young girls come into his stores with their moms he wants them both to be able to find something to wear. He might just be the one, girls. The designer for us over 50 but not over the hill…yet…types.

Anyhoo…. I’m still doing my research. I will be for a few weeks. And then I’ll be compiling my LIST.

So far there is one item on it.

1. Jeans…faded, maybe a bit distressed…high rise.

Now I have to go finish my packing. And you need to start your homework. Fall shopping will be upon us and you want to be ready.
Only 24 more sleeps until Labour Day.

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19 thoughts on “Start Doing Your Homework”

  1. I have the Slim Boyjeans from Madewell and LOVE them. Perfect rise, and just enough distressing to nod to the trend without looking ridiculous. Camel and grey are perpetual faves. You look fantastic in those cargo pants.

    1. We don't have Madewell in Ottawa…I must see if they have a store in Montreal. Or maybe I will take the leap and order something on-line. I only ever order books on-line or Tee shirts from Gap.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Very cute cargos … will work like a champ for your uses! Going Glamping , are you?
    There's a lot of disdain directed at the big glossies, but like you, I pore over the September issues for ideas, sillhouettes, new ideas generally. There are lots of new shapes I'll avoid this year ( example The Row knit combo, and some of the more massive coats) but also some fresher ideas to try (like you, I've got a sweater and skirt like the Bottega Veneta look … never thought to put them together. ) I'll go after shoes and boots first, as they are harder for me to find later in the season in my size and will build from there. I intend to try to sew a bit more this year … big dreams, but we'll see how far I get!

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