Never, Never say Never

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I’ve just read on Wikipedia that apparently it was Charles Dickens who is credited with coining the phrase “never say never,” in Pickwick Papers in 1837. But that’s just what I did back in April of this year. Said never, I mean.

And I did it in writing. 

And I said it publicly. On the internet.

Where it’s recorded forever…because, of course, everything on the internet is there.. for … ever.

In April, I wrote a post on this blog about a few of the new trends for spring and summer… trends that made me say “No way, Jose!” You can read it here. One of the trends I said I would never, never fall for again was drawstring pants, particularly of the full-legged variety. 

Like these ones from

I think these are dreadful. As I said in my post, I had a pair in the 90’s: “They weren’t very flattering then. I can’t imagine how they would look on me now. Well, I can imagine, which is why I WON’T be trying them on. Too depressing. Like bathing suit shopping.”

Oh, the vehemence of the soon to be proven wrong! Because I took another look at the pants on

And saw these:

And then, when I was on my exercise bike and leafing through the June issue of Vogue, I saw this picture. Gorgeous.

So I kind of scrunched up my eyes. If I got rid of the platform shoes and the pop top…. I think… maybe… I could make these work? Maybe.

Then last week, when I was out shopping and lunching with a friend, we stopped into one of my favourite shops… Green Tree Eco Fashion on Richmond Road, here in Ottawa. I love this store. They have a great collection of casual clothes…sweaters and tops and pants that are cool, and a bit edgy, and slightly different from anywhere else. 

I was actually looking for high waisted skinny jeans. I had tried on a few pairs and nothing suited… when Mary, the sales person I usually deal with, handed me a pair of pants….”I know they’re not jeans…but just try them. See what they look like,” she said. Black pants…I don’t need another pair of black pants. And they have a draw string. They’ll look awful on me. “Just try them,” she said.

Yep. She was right…as usual. Mary really knows her stuff. They looked great. And felt wonderful. So I came home with them. 

The pants are designed by a local company called “studio d” who makes what they call “Yoga Inspired Apparel.” 


Although they’re roomy, because they have a narrow silhouette, I don’t get lost in them like with wide-legged pants.

I love the slouchy pockets and the stitching down the leg. I could wear these pants just about anywhere. 
Like, out for a summer supper with my husband. I added my new cotton mesh, short sleeved sweater that I bought on-line from Gap (40% off sale), my old sliver and gold sandals and a vintage necklace and earrings of my mum’s. If the weather turned cool, I could throw my safari jacket over this outfit. 

My uncle brought this necklace and earrings back from Korea for my mum in the 1950’s. So sweet, I think.


Or I could trade up the jewellry for gold earrings and cuff, add my gold and black silk Elie Tahari top and my grandmother’s clutch bag. 

I love this purse. My aunt, who was pretty stylish in her day, had this made in Montreal for my grandmother, sometime in the 1940’s, I think. It has my grandmother’s initials on it. It’s a bit battered, but I think that makes it look kind of edgy and not too prissy. 


Or I could wear my new pants antique shopping. There’s a wonderful country antique fair in July not too far away from here. But it can mean a long day, so you have to dress comfortably and have your hands free. I’d roll up the pants, add my white Theory shirt with a cami, and my new Michael Kors sandals. Oh….and a small cross-body bag, like this.

This is a close up of the earrings. I bought them at Pier 1 Imports last summer…. $8.00. Pier 1 sells jewelry. Who knew?!  I went shopping for a side table for the living room and came home with earrings!

For a day of downtown shopping or lunching I’d swap in this loose silk top from Rag and Bone.  Add these crochet earrings and my favourite (humongous) Michael Kors bag. 

The top has a strip of open-stitch crochet work across the shoulders and down the sleeves, that the picture doesn’t show very well, making it cool on a hot day. I bought this last summer in Toronto….shopping with my gorgeous 27 year old actress niece. Now there’s a humbling experience…shopping with a beautiful 27 year old! Ah well… never mind… mustn’t grumble. We did have  a great day. 

But for my life-style these days…especially in the summer… I’d probably wear the pants most frequently with my striped Gap-Fit tee shirt and flip flops. I could always add my jean jacket at night if the temperature dropped.

We will be going on two camping trips this summer. And a couple of long road trips… to Quebec City and then up the Saguenay River to a little village called L’Anse St Jean. Then another trip down east to visit family. So lots of time in the car requires very comfortable clothing. And these pants are sooo light that I could rinse them out at night and they’d be dry by the morning. Great for travel! 

You know… I don’t think that I’ve ever owned a pair of pants that offered so much scope for outfit planning. Or as Anne of Green Gables said…”So much scope for the imagination!”

I’d like to be able to say that I’ve learned my lesson about never, never saying never. But while I’m pretty easy going about everything else in life… I do tend to be emphatic about clothes. 

So I’ll probably… undoubtedly… say never again. And live to regret it.

And, hey, if you are down on Richmond Road in Ottawa why not stop into Green Tree Eco Fashion and say hello. 


Have you had any “never again” moments… that turned into “well, maybe” … ??
I’m linking up this week with Thursday Blog Hop at Over 50, Feeling 40 and Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style

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25 thoughts on “Never, Never say Never”

    1. Thanks. I thought I was wedded to the skinny…I guess not!
      BTW I've been following your travels in France, and taking notes. I'm planning a trip for next spring. Thanks for all the great info!

  1. You're right – those pants look great with everything! I love your grandmother's bag – so cool, pieces with a history. I have been dubious about these kinds of pants – but you've convinced me to try a pair!

    1. Thanks Lana. You should try them…I was certainly surprised! I kind of chuckle every time I take my grandmother's purse to places she would never had the opportunity to visit. I'm building a new history for the purse:)

  2. Those pants are just amazing. They look great on you and I love every single outfit you made! I don't do well with drawstring pants usually so I have probably said never to them as well. I usually avoid gathering across the tummy. I just bought my first pair of draw string wide legged pants though and they work because the elastic waistband is wide. Mostly I am afraid they might shrink in the wash and then look silly being too short.
    I love the Korean necklace and your grandma's purse. It's so nice to have family things like that.

    Oh and my never say never that is so far still a never but very nearly wasn't is leopard. I tried on a brown top with just a bit of leopard at the shoulders and really seriously considered it. I decided it fell into the category of "I like this but it's not me" which I tend to mistakenly buy.

    1. Thanks Shawna. I love being able to combine new clothes with old family stuff like my necklace and purse. I get a kick out of wearing stuff that my mum and grandmother wore. Those things have character, I think.
      Oh..and I've also bought hings over the years that I get home and say…nope…not me. Less often these days because of my trusty list!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The necklace and earrings from Korea are unique and stunning! The pants look great on you, but not so sure my short, squatty legs would look as good. That is, however, not a "never" on my part, just a not likely :-). Thanks for sharing this lovely clothing collection.

  4. I'm glad you took a chance on the pants! They're so versatile and look great on you–in all the ways you've styled them. I especially like how you've incorporated vintage pieces with family ties into some of the looks. Anne is right 😉

    I hated wide pants when they first came on the scene in the 90s and then I learned to love them. Same with skinny jeans, pointy shoes…and on and on. Why am I so resistant to change? LOL!

    1. Thanks Jean. I know what you mean…with skinny jeans and pointy toed shoes in particular… it took a while for the "eye" to adjust and then nothing else looked "modern." Thanks for stopping by.

  5. There you go…. At first look something may seem the wrong fit, but you never know until you try. I often find myself falling madly in love with a trend or a colour I had previously judged as 'not me'… Sometimes it's a good fit and a lasting love affair, sometimes just a passing fancy that will make me cringe in retrospect, but at least it made me take a chance. I love your necklace! What a treat piece.

  6. I've had some "never again into maybe"-moments in the past. I used to be (and in a way I suppose I still am) slow warmer to fashion and sometimes that has also caused those awkward moments. I still sometimes get it when I try to sell my stuff. I look at them in the bag, on their way to flea market and start thinking perhaps they deserve another chance. Usually it's not worth it. Although there has been cases when I had to change my mind, like gray leather broque pumps which I already abandoned to the flea market bag, but got back. Now I'm more into vintage and tend to think about my purchases a bit more carefully than before when I was following fashion more.
    I love your korean earring and necklace set. They are gorgeous! Also your style is very classic and suits you charmingly. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Rhia. I love vintage anything…but mostly the clothes don't fit me…so it has to be jewelry then. I know what you mean about getting rid of things; I'm trying to be more diligent about sending stuff to Goodwill…but I often take stuff out of the bag at the last minute.
      Thanks for reading.

  7. These pants look great on you and so versatile too. Yeah, I think we can all admit to saying never to something that we've ending up wearing. I was not going to do the skinny jean trend at all .. but …yeah …. totally gave in. Right now I'm refusing that ugly shoe trend! But we'll see, right? Great looks and love your hair do!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thanks Dawn Lucy. I'm shunning the ugly shoe trend too… they look ridiculous on me. I much prefer the strappy sandal or the pointy toe pump.
      Thanks for reading.

  8. Hmmm, I'm trying to figure out why comments I leave here don't show up. Must be doing something wrong, but I'll try this again. I'd left a comment encouraging you to go buy another pair of those pants right this minute! They are obviously workhorses and they look great. I've been finding the same thing about an olive green Aritzia pair, similar shape, cargo-pocketed. . .

    1. Hmmmm is right. Sorry that your comments are disappearing. I have that trouble with a couple of blogs particularly "Une Femme…" , not sure why. And I often have trouble trying to comment with my i-pad. Must be that Google/Blogger and Mac don't like each other!
      I must look at Green Tree to see if they carry those pants in other colours… I never even thought of that! Thanks.
      And thanks for being persistent with the commenting!

  9. Hi Susan,
    I love your blog! I linked to it through the Green Tree facebook page and I'm glad I did. You and I have similar body shapes so I am loving your posts about fashion. Those pants look great and I'm sure yo'll get a ton of wear out of them. Makes me want to pop in to Green Tree and get a pair for myself… I too have said never ever to fashion trends, pointy shoes, skinny jeans, leopard print and most recently printed drawstring shorts. I now own and love all those items 🙂 Go figure. Drawstring pants are now next on my list.

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