A Shorts Story

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I fell off my bike last weekend.

Remember that expression “fall down, go boom”… well, this was more of a “fall down, go …. clang, slew, ahhhh, scrape, thud.”

We were on the cycling trail near us. I tried to do a 180 degree turn, too quickly and sharply, jackknifed my front wheel, tried to stop, then tried to hop off, couldn’t get my leg over the cross-bar, finally fell over, legs tangled up in the bars of my bike. When I finally got up, more like pulled up by my husband, blood was streaming down my leg, I had major road burn (not Tour de France stuff, but worst I’ve ever had) and a twisted knee. And two days later… wowee… blue and black all over my legs.

So…shorts. With some pretty warm temperatures forecast for early this week… do I or don’t I?

Step #1.  Do some research first.

I go to my best on-line source www.netaporter.com. I love that site. You can sign up for e-mail alerts, as well as a great weekly on-line magazine called The Edit. Netaporter is a shopping site, and while I’ve never purchased from them, as I’ve said on this blog before, it’s great for research. Each item is styled and I love to see what they are pairing with specific items I either already own or am considering buying.

So shorts…what’s in this year?

Equipment shorts available at netaporter.com
Yep…short. Love the sweater above, and I’d wear it with cropped skinny pants. But NOT those shorts. I just turned 58 a week or so ago…..not a hope of me wearing those
J-Brand shorts
Rag and Bone shorts
And these are even worse. Cut-offs. Tiny cut-offs. Pu-leeease. I wore cut-offs in the 70’s. Back in the day when we soaked our new jeans in bleach in the bathtub, and cut off the old ones for shorts. And wore them with those flat, hippie sandals. The ones we bought and then wore in the rain so they would mold to our feet.
Oh yeah, I had a pair of these. Took a lot of walking in the rain for them to fit my skinny feet! (Boy…you can find a picture of ANYTHING on the net!)
But Netaporter.com does not let me down. There are lots of longer, more age appropriate, shorts too.
Joseph shorts available at netaporter.com
I love the cream outfit above. So chic and lady-like, but not stuffy.
                                                                                                J. Crew shorts
Marc Jacobs shorts
Both of these above are perfect for me. Except I probably wouldn’t wear the heels.
 Step #2.  Hit the closet.
I find my black Theory shorts from two years ago. Love them. Long enough, narrow enough…and with pockets…love pockets.
I pair them with my Elie Tahari black and gold, stretchy blouse. I bought it in 2010 with a black skirt and coat to wear to an awards dinner. Not sure if you can see the sheer tulle across the shoulders and sleeves. This makes it a bit dressy.
Oh…. and these are my new sandals…that I was so desperately seeking… and my knee bandage. Luckily, you can’t really see the bruises.

I try this outfit with my Paige jean jacket. Good if the weather gets a bit cool. So… I’m all set for a casual dinner date.

But since hubby is away fishing this week, that won’t be happening. And anyway…I have power shopping to do.
So …..

I haul out my Gap pastel tee shirt. And the belt I bought a couple of weeks ago. And gasp…tuck in my shirt. Love the belt, but we’ll see how long I last with my shirt tucked in. I suffer from middle-age- middle and fear of seeming portly!

Okay…while I have been writing this post… I started yesterday when the weather was 29 degrees Celsius…. things have changed.

The temperature today is only supposed to go up to 19 degrees, so I might add to my outfit the little anorak I bought last week. It’s a Theory jacket, light as a feather, water resistant, with a hood and reversible. It’s black on one side and kind of blue-grey and black camo pattern on the other. It will be great for travel! And for rainy days when I don’t want to wear a coat.

Step #3. Off I go. And then back I come.

Scratch the shorts…too cold. Now… where are my skinny jeans?

How are you wearing your shorts?

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10 thoughts on “A Shorts Story”

  1. OH I can so relate to the weather related dressing challenges. I do the same thing including take a picture for the blog and then have to change because it's not warm enough. I love all of the looks here and would wear or wish to wear most of them. I don't do short shorts and never have even when I had young legs, but I love the look of the longer sweater over the short shorts. It doesn't quite make sense to me though because either I will be too hot with a sweater on or too cold with the shorts on. I love your black long narrow shorts and you don't look at all portly. We are always our own worse critics and I am no better. That's a very chic looking bandage you have. I'll bet they aren't even forward thinking enough to have one of those on Net-a-Porter.
    Now go forth and shop!

    1. I'm with you…I don't really get the sweater and tiny short thing. For the same reason. When it's hot enough here to wear shorts, it's usually too humid to wear a sweater at all, except in the evening.
      Going forth now…I always do what I'm told!
      Thanks for reading, Shawna.

  2. This is the first time reading your blog. I will be turning 52 in a couple of weeks and I am happy to see someone closer to my age posting fashion photos. I like your terminology- "middle age middle"! In the past year my body has changed so much. I find myself not wanting to tuck shirts in and trying to cover up "back bulge" Uggg! I really like the jean jacket over the black shorts and top and FYI…you don't look "portly" with the mint shirt tucked in.

    1. Thanks Gina. I eat healthy and exercise regularly….yet… it's amazing how much my body has changed in the last 5 years! I come from a long line of … long skinny legs and short, round middles… but, hey, you can't fight genes!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Ouch!!! So sorry about your fall. But loving your outfit even with the bandage. I am wearing shorts now too with cool cotton tops. It has been very, very hot here. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. xo

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