Desperately Seeking Sandals

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Whoopie… it’s truly spring! As in the weather is finally warm enough to wear spring clothes without extra layering underneath. And it’s finally warm AND dry enough to wear sandals! 

We live in the country. So in early spring when townies are able to wear summer footwear, I risk messing up my nice shoes in our muddy driveway. Plus, I hate having cold feet. So up to now, I have been wearing my light ankle boots. 

But now I am ready to break out my Tod’s loafers and my summer pumps … book an appointment for a pedicure … and then hit the shopping trail… desperately seeking a new pair of sandals. 

And finding new sandals is not an easy task for me. 

These are my old black sandals. I’ve had them for at least four years; they’re falling apart, and I cannot find anything to replace them.

And believe me, I’ve tried. 


I pretty much shop for sandals year round… or at the very least every time I am in a store from March to August. That’s because I have a really hard foot to fit… long and VERY narrow. When I find sandals that fit, I always buy them. It’s just that I rarely DO find.

But I am nothing if not perennially optimistic. So as Shakespeare said in Henry V … “once more onto the breach, my friends, once more”… who says that Shakespeare can’t teach us anything about shopping, eh? 

One problem is that many of the styles this spring are not made for narrow feet like mine. See the Birkenstocks below? I saw these on Cute eh?

They’re even cuter in nude. But alas, not for me. With my skinny ankles … they’d make me look like a duck.

And the Marc Jacob’s slides below. I’d definitely be sliding if I wore these. I’d never be able to keep them on for one thing. And for another…walking downhill… my toes would sail right on through and drag on the pavement. Ouch!

The Chloe sandals below are gorgeous. I love the ankle strap. And they ARE more narrow than the Birkenstocks.

Ditto on these Givenchy ones. If I could find a pair like either of these… I’d snatch them up and go home a happy woman.

If I could find a pair that fit… that’s a big “if.” For I not only have long feet and narrow feet… but also, my toes are kind of spread apart. So if I don’t have a sandal that fits very tightly or one with a strap that comes up between my toes…well…my feet look kind of look like those on my little feathered friend here.

Okay…so I might be exaggerating just a little. But not much, trust me!
The Tod’s patent sandals below would certainly fill the bill. And I love the nude colour. I mean I don’t have to get black, right?

I saw this lovely Pedro Garcia pair on Netaporter. They’d look great on me. But wow…$525.00 is too steep, even for me. And there is something veerrry familiar about them. Hmmm.

Oh, yeah. Now I remember; they’re really similar to a pair I bought at Payless…in 2003! See?

So…. to come back to Shakespeare and Henry V… I must “stiffen the sinews” and “summon up the blood”…”the game’s afoot.” Off I go. 

But with weather today like this…

And this…

I will be taking full advantage of the trend this spring to dress like this…

And wear my new sneakers with my jeans. If it’s good enough for Phoebe Philo…well, who am I to argue?

May Issue of Vogue


I mean, a girl can’t be expected to seek desperately for sandals…with  cold wet toes!

What are you seeking this spring? 


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14 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Sandals”

  1. What a fabulous post! I did not expect to find Shakespeare quotes and chicken feet relating to fashion!. Brilliant. 🙂
    Good luck with your sandal search. If you find "the ones" at a good price buy multiple colors or a duplicate of same color and live sandal worry free for years.

    1. Thanks Patti. It's an English teacher thing; I taught Shakespeare for so many years….can't stop the lines running through my head. Visiting Scotland a few years ago was very trying for my husband…soooo many appropriate moments to quote Macbeth!
      Thank YOU for hosting Visible Mondays; I love it!

  2. No matter what cute new sandals the season's offerings tempt me to buy, I seem always to revert back to my default Birkenstock Gizehs. . . .although this summer, I'm thinking I might try the Birk Arizonas which are all the current rage. . . Luckily, my feet aren't nearly as hard as yours to fit. Have fun with your search!

    1. I love the new Birkenstocks…especially the patent leather ones.
      Hope you are feeling less "meh" this week. I tried to comment on your "Black Dog" post but it somehow disappeared. What I wanted to say was: how wise and kind are the readers of your blog!

  3. I love Birkenstock and I have the same skinny ankle problem. So I bought the one with a single bar instead. They are gorgeous and super comfortable plus not too bulky for our kind of ankles!

  4. My mother had a long, thin (and difficult to fit!) pair of feet as well, but they were so beautiful (like yours) that it made up for the effort.
    You wear your sandals very elegantly … aristocratic tootsies, I believe. Cute in your little sneaks, too. I get all fired up when I hear the St. Crispan's Day speech, too, and will remember to carry the spirit of Henry at Agincourt shoe shopping when I go next!
    Love all your choices except the Celine shower shoes (the ankle strappy ones are pretty, though.) Best of luck shopping for sandals … what a lovely chore!

    1. Thanks for the compliments…in my family we just sigh and say.."Oh, she has Sullivan feet."
      That's the great thing about Shakespeare…it can be applicable all kinds of unexpected places. I used to challenge the kids in my classes to come up with a new way to use Shakespeare quotes in everyday life….like with shopping. Such fun!

  5. I have a hard to fit feet too. I have a high instep and it's difficult to find comfortable shoes. I like this time of year because sandals are usually easier for me. I like the styles you are sharing. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Your participation helps to make it extra special ♥

    1. Thanks Allison.
      Those are Nike sneakers that I'm wearing. Bought them on sale at Sports Experts last fall. I was excited to find them in a colour that I really liked.

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