Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cold Couture or The Polar Vortex Made me Do It

Friday morning I made my first cup of tea of the day, powered up my computer, and settled in to read the latest posts from my favourite blogs. Everyone, but everyone, it seems is sick of winter! Two of the blogs featured the idea of wearing white

 The blogs  That's Not My Age and Une Femme d'un Certain Age featured beautiful, white pants worn elegantly and looking so enticing. Oh the wave of jealousy that washed over me. I want  to wear MY white pants...I wanna, I wanna! But I can't even imagine how I would get through the rest of a Canadian winter if I started dreaming about white pants now.

I have two pairs of white jeans that I love. One pair is from 2 or 3 seasons ago, boot cut Hudson jeans with pocket flaps in the back. I know pocket flaps are supposed to be a no-no for women of a certain age...but they're great for those of us who have flat derrieres. Thanks to that post Friday on TNMA ...I'll be hauling them out again this year. I love boot cut pants especially with heels or with flat, strappy sandals.

My older boot cut Hudson jeans.

The other pair is a looser fit, cropped, white jean also from Hudson. Love them too. I bought them last year and wore them all the time last summer. I like them with flat sandals or with my Tod's driving shoes. These I "invested in" with my retirement gift certificate. A group of friends threw a surprise retirement dinner for me last year. I was extremely touched. And they know me sooo well....that they chipped in and gave me a gift certificate to Holt Renfrew ... with which I bought those Tod's loafers. Definitely an investment piece! But I digress. (My former students would laugh if they saw me doing in writing exactly what I always did in the classroom. Always digressing to tell a story. I still laugh when I think of the day a student said to me..."Oh Ms're so random!" )

Yes... the only white around here right now is the snow piled up around our back door, covering the deck and barbecue and causing havoc on the highways. Believe me, if you've never driven in a white're lucky! We're stuck "rugging up," as they say down under.

"Rugging up" with J-brand jeans and a Vince sweater that I bought in the fall ...and have worn ALL the time!

Last Years Cole Haan boots. Boy, they need a good polish!
In fact it's been so cold this winter (thank-you polar vortex) that I even went out and bought a down coat. I have two lovely Max Mara short winter coats that I adore. But they lose their slim lines when you pile heavy sweaters and scarves under them. So thanks to Zara I am sporting my first down coat since 1989. I bought one that year because I was coaching volleyball at my school and it was freeeeeeezing getting into the car at 6:30 A.M. to drive to those 7:15 A.M. practices.

 The new down coats are so much nicer than they used to be. Slimmer and more chic. I love mine. And I even found one that is not black...but  a beautiful, plummy brown. And it works really well with several nice scarves that I already own. Can't beat that!

Further "rugging". My Zara coat looks purple here.

But, you know.... when I look at my pictures... wearing white now just seems so wrong for me. Brrrrr. I'll stick to my cosy plums and grays for a while yet.


  1. That silhouette of Vince sweater and skinny jeans is a favourite of mine -- the white jeans look great as well, but much as I admire them on those who wear them in drier, warmer climes, they're as impossible here as they must be in your colder winter. . .

    1. I will be so sad when the long sweater and skinny jean look is finally over. It perfectly suits my long-leg-short-body combo. Or as my husband likes to call it my "high hips."

  2. Just found your blog through materfamilias and am looking forward to your comments! Debbie


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